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Child Obesity Causes and How to cope

or overweight is not just the adults. Statistics show that in many countries, Obesity also the children to the extent that concern. Lack of knowledge or the old view that the well child is fat or obese children who are healthy and not malnutrition, although this is very dangerous. Why Obesity or excess weight is dangerous? So what it?

or excess weight can cause many negative effects to health. Children who still do not understand lugu of this danger. So, is the responsibility of the older children to keep them healthy. Parents need to know what causes Obesity and how to prevent or overcome problems Obesity children.

Obesity due to

Disease that can cause

is due to diabetes, high blood, or heart disease. Diseases, which was considered as disease and old age adults, can now be experienced by children due to pile on fat, cholesterol and sugar contained in the body. Respiratory disturbances or greater risk of asthma experienced by children who have experienced Obesity.

In addition, children with excess weight or obesity may also have difficulty moving and subject to growth due to excessive fat dump on the organs of the body should be developed. Not to mention the psychological effects experienced by children, such as ribbing from friends, classmates in children who have been to school.


Some of the causes of Obesity in children is:

* Genetic factors

Factor is the offspring of those old hard to be avoided. When the father or mother have excess body weight, this can be derived on the child.

* Food fast food and snacks in the pack

with the many fast food restaurants is one of the factors the cause. Children most of the food like fast food or fast food even many children who will eat with the greedy and increase the portion of food when eating fast food. While foods such as this usually contain fat and sugar that cause a high Obesity. Parents often use the busy fast food food given to the practical in their children, although the womb to childhood malnutrition. Food fast food even though it favors but does not have a uterus nutrition for growth and development of children. That's why food is often called the fast food with the term junk food or food waste. In addition, children's favorite snacks in the pack or tuck it into the observable.

* Drink light

Just like fast food food, drink (soft drink) evidently has a high sugar contents, so weight will quickly increase when consuming this drink. Taste delicious and refreshing that the children are like this drink.

* Lack of physical activity

Period of children associated with the play. Previously, children's games are usually games that require physical child run, jump or other movement. However, it has been replaced with electronic games, computers, Internet, or television that is quite done with just sitting in front of it without having to move. This causes the children do not exercise so that the excess

body weight

Obesity Solutions

For you who have children with excess body weight or Obesity, should not impose strict diet for children because it can disrupt the growth and health. Instead Obesity to overcome or prevent the child so that your child does not experience Obesity, the steps that you can do the following, among others.

* Please note that food will be provided for children

Reduce foods fast food or fast food, snacks in the packaging, soft drink, sweet or cemilan food with high fat contents. Instead, serve fresh vegetables and meat. many fruit and milk consumption is good for the growth of children. Provide the appropriate portion and not too excessive.

* Provide breakfast and provision for children

Breakfast is a good early start time for the day. This is necessary so that children can be strong when beraktivitas in school and prevent over-eating later. By bringing food from home, the elderly can control the nutrition of children and prevent child that does not need to jajan outside.

* Improve food process engineering

Do not fry too much food that not too much fat is consumed. You can try to steam, boil or broil foods so that more healthy food.

* Set rules to eat

try to eat so that your child is not on the table in front of the television or computer. Many people will not realize how much food is eaten when he was eating while enjoying the impression in front of the television or computer.

* Limit of watching television, video games or computer use

Doing these activities will make you lazy children move, they need explicit rules about how long this activity may be done. Next, you can help your child to be like other entertainment such as biking, playing ball or just jump rope.

* Perform activities that require physical activity

You and your children can plan to do with sports activities such as jogging, running the morning, swimming, badminton or other sports. Or plan a holiday together on the beach, zoo or park so that you and your children can walk more.

Children who are fat is funny. But keep favored son and daughter so that we grow with them and also have a healthy pattern of living and a healthy eating pattern. Parents are responsible for providing the best for their children. Remember, Obesity or overweight is not a good thing for a child.

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