Wednesday, November 4, 2009

loss fat

I do not know how else to say, but food companies lie to you. Yes, you. This is really strange that they are actually entitled to lie to you ... by law.

I'm not even in jest. The old fool.

Lying on the label is the nutritional value of some kind of box or package or container, the food did you know if the ingredients are listed, as well as nutrition information, as are the number of calories or carbs per serving. All this information is generally true and accurate. If, however, the trans-fatty acids to ensure that all changes.

First, for those who do not know what is trans-fatty acids, let me give you a very quick and simple description. This is one of the "bad" types of fat. In fact, trans fat has the baddest of them all, it is "terrible" not bad "hip and cool" bad. "How bad?" Well, I think the might have a health problem that someone go.-Y, some health problems. Got it? Okay. It is a very good chance that what you thought of is one of many health problems and diseases caused by a diet rich in trans fats.

See ... bad.

But most people already know how much you for trans fatty acids is terrible. Most of these people do this by 1 January 2006, the date that began to require the FDA is aware that trans fat content on the nutrition label of all foods. Yes, they have company. Trans-fatty acids is to limit the poison, and now we can know a sense of security that is all we need to look at the label on the nutritional quality of our food to take to make sure that we eat not.

Well, not quite. This is the lie that what is happening.

See, there is a gap is largely unknown to the FDA, trans fat requirement. Instead of telling you that this gap, I'll let the FDA to tell me. Here is a direct quote from a "question-answer page on the official website of the Food and Drug Administration.

Q: How will the label be different?

A: The final settlement of the FDA, trans fat (also known as "trans fat") requires that see the amount of trans fat per serving listed on a separate line in saturated fats on the Nutrition Facts table (Figure be). However, trans fats must be listed if the total amount of fat in the diet is less than 0.5 gram (or 1 / 2 gram) per serving and no claims about fat, fatty acids or cholesterol.

Get all that? I bold the important role for you. Basically this is what they say. If a food contains 1 gram of trans fat per serving, he says: "Trans fat: 1 gram" on the label the nutritional value of food. If these foods has 0 grams trans fat per serving, he says: "Trans fat: 0 g" on the label. However, if a food has exactly 0.49 grams of trans fat per serving, he says: "Trans fat: 0 g" on the label.

Let that sink in a second. Food businesses are legally entitled to tell you that eating "0 grams" trans fat in foods you, even if it in fact that trans fatty acids in food. Fou s not true?

Well, the food you eat only the trans-fatty acids mentioned, where there is more than 0.5 grams per serving of it. If there are 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.4 or 0.49999999 grams, there will always say there is no trans fat in foods. There's really no other way for you to see it ... is a lie. Plain and simple.

There is of course an excuse for this madness. The FDA says that is slightly less than 0.5 grams, considered "very low" trans fatty acids. Thus, by this logic, if a certain amount of poison to kill me, I'll just eat well to 0.4 grams, since this amount would be "very low" poison. Mmmm, fantastic.

While trans fat is too much trans fatty acids, regardless of the amount. This is one of the worst things that you may be in your body. 0.4 grams, 0.5 grams or 10 grams, I do not care. I do not want it all, and who even cares about their health should not want any of these two. Unfortunately, the food companies are telling you that you do not eat anything, even if you are.

Another thing to keep in mind here is the concept of "service". Food companies need only specify how much it trans fat in a serving of that food. Have you ever paid attention to what a "service" of most foods is it? For example, for most cereals, a serving is 3 / 4 cup in the rule. Opportunities there are at least double that amount in an average bowl of cereal. Another part could be "3 crackers." How many people eat only crackers exactly 3? Not much.

My point is that most people eat more than a "service" of most foods. And since trans fats must be listed on the labeling of foods if it is 0.5 or more grams of trans fat per serving, which means that if the food contains 0.4 grams, and you eat 4 servings, there are 1, 6 grams of trans fatty acids. 1.6 is well above 0.5, but the label will still say that 0 grams per serving. And if you eat 4 servings of that food, 4 x 0 is still 0 grams trans fat. You always think that you do not eat anything, even though you ate 1.6 grams How wonderful.

And do not believe that food companies do not fully benefit from this gap. I'm sure there are many foods that can now be made to this end with exactly 0.49 grams of trans fat per serving for the sole purpose set to "Trans fat: 0 g" at the nutritional label. I am also sure that many foods have seen a decline in the part. If a full part in 1 cup of used and contained 0.8 grams of what they need to do is change the size of a half-cup serving, and trans fats per serving magic number drops to 0.4, in the "Trans Fat: 0 gram translated. "

Now that you understand fully this nonsense, let me tell you how you can place your food, you avoid being ripped off, and avoid eating food. I really explain briefly mentioned, another lie, 100% whole grain bread. The key to determine with certainty whether it is trans fat in foods, even if the label says: "Trans Fat: 0 g" by reading the ingredients of the food.

The keywords you are looking for in these ingredients are reduced "and the much more common" hardened ". If you use these words in any way see, there are trans fats in foods. Hydrogen is used to describe an oil, as in "hydrongenated soybean oil" or "hydrogenated vegetable oil." Many times he may the words hydrogenated "partially." As in "partially hydrogenated soybean oil." Partially hydrogenated or not, it is still trans fats anyway.

Oh, and if someone thinks I'm these things, here is another quote from the website of the FDA:

Q: Is it possible that a food to list how much trans fat as 0 g on the Nutrition Facts panel when the ingredient list shows that it contains "partially hydrogenated vegetable oil?

A: Yes. Food manufacturers have to list quantities of trans fats to less than 0.5 grams (1 / 2 g) and 0 (zero) on the Nutrition Facts table. Consequently, the consumer can see some products, 0 grams of trans fat listed on the label, the list of ingredients must be "reduced" or "partially hydrogenated vegetable oil" on. This means that the food contains very small amounts (less than 0.5 g) of trans fat per serving.

Because they are beautiful.

If any of these words, which I mentioned to a gig in the list of ingredients in their food, then it contains a certain amount of trans fatty acids.

So, let's go. You can always lied about trans fat in foods, only now are catching you in a position to him and to avoid it.

The Lean Cuisine Diet

I must say that I really was not always a fan of the promotion of prepackaged meals with what I felt was inferior nutrition, tiny tiny portions and high in sodium. However, when you add sound parts to lean cuisine, or other packaged premade frozen meals low in calories and fat, you have a perfect meal potioned which is ideal if you try to lose weight.

My fiance and I have lost a lot of weight this way of eating together when you're a diet to lose weight active, and you can too, but it takes discipline, like you're a little hungry when you're done, especially after dinner, when it is most important that you do not pig out, but it is also many times the time of day we choose to eat more, and it is difficult to break this habit.

If you can break this habit, and eat a healthy breakfast of your choice, and just eating Lean Cuisines, Healthy Choice frozen meals, or Smart Ones or some other comparable weight to look frozen meals, food and add so what meals to around 500 calories, you'd be surprised to see how we can fill them. It is especially nice because you can still eat foods that feel "bad", such as lasagna and Eggroll, remember that you must pick the most filling food for their nutrition and calories to succeed with this method plan you stick to it without feeling hungry.

When you follow this plan, some simple and inexpensive, we usually steam some broccoli or asparagus to go with the meal for lunch and dinner. If you try to eat without supplementing with yoru own vegetables steamed, you will not be full, I can almost guarantee it. My fiance also used the trick of filling more with a soda. I'm not crazy about the health aspect of soda, but the bubbles do not fill up the more you can even try a seltzer if you are concerned about artificial sweeteners.

As I mentioned earlier, the key to success with this type of system is complete with plenty of fibrous vegetables to fill you up and add the necessary nutrition and vitamins and fiber that I feel most Frozen meals are lacking. I always charge for breakfast and lunch eat about 450-500 calories to get ready for a day to eat meals low in calories, and that seems to pave the way to eat a diet low in fuel every day .

This type of scheme is very successful as long as you follow the rules and therefore do not yield to the temptation to overeat at dinner. Fill the water table to help maintain satiety until you go to bed. You'll feel pounds lighter in the morning, I assure you! It is easy to worry, it's fast, and the minimum, especially if you work two jobs like me!

The Lean Cuisine Diet

I must say that I really was not always a fan of the promotion of prepackaged meals with what I felt was inferior nutrition, tiny tiny portions and high in sodium. However, when you add sound parts to lean cuisine, or other packaged premade frozen meals low in calories and fat, you have a perfect meal potioned which is ideal if you try to lose weight.

My fiance and I have lost a lot of weight this way of eating together when you're a diet to lose weight active, and you can too, but it takes discipline, like you're a little hungry when you're done, especially after dinner, when it is most important that you do not pig out, but it is also many times the time of day we choose to eat more, and it is difficult to break this habit.

If you can break this habit, and eat a healthy breakfast of your choice, and just eating Lean Cuisines, Healthy Choice frozen meals, or Smart Ones or some other comparable weight to look frozen meals, food and add so what meals to around 500 calories, you'd be surprised to see how we can fill them. It is especially nice because you can still eat foods that feel "bad", such as lasagna and Eggroll, remember that you must pick the most filling food for their nutrition and calories to succeed with this method plan you stick to it without feeling hungry.

When you follow this plan, some simple and inexpensive, we usually steam some broccoli or asparagus to go with the meal for lunch and dinner. If you try to eat without supplementing with yoru own vegetables steamed, you will not be full, I can almost guarantee it. My fiance also used the trick of filling more with a soda. I'm not crazy about the health aspect of soda, but the bubbles do not fill up the more you can even try a seltzer if you are concerned about artificial sweeteners.

As I mentioned earlier, the key to success with this type of system is complete with plenty of fibrous vegetables to fill you up and add the necessary nutrition and vitamins and fiber that I feel most Frozen meals are lacking. I always charge for breakfast and lunch eat about 450-500 calories to get ready for a day to eat meals low in calories, and that seems to pave the way to eat a diet low in fuel every day .

This type of scheme is very successful as long as you follow the rules and therefore do not yield to the temptation to overeat at dinner. Fill the water table to help maintain satiety until you go to bed. You'll feel pounds lighter in the morning, I assure you! It is easy to worry, it's fast, and the minimum, especially if you work two jobs like me!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Lack of sleep and overeating

One of the things that we still eat too much into the causes, even if we do the best plan out there, and tends to stick to a healthy diet most of the time, is a lack of sleep. This may seem hard to believe, since the two are not directly related to each other seems, but there are few studies on the solid fact that sleep deprivation and excessive consumption of food have to do in any case. I think it's the kind of sense, since your body probably thinks she needs more "fuel" because it does not get enough sleep, and it is pointed out that "fuel" from the food you eat, so They eat too much and then gained weight.

If you just watch your weight or try to sleep on nutrition as a key component of a successful campaign, as a diet if you are a person who is not ordinarily do not get enough sleep, you may already with one foot down in the struggle for the excess pounds, which is essentially lose that excess calories are stored in less glamorous places on your body. Even if you're very early in the morning, you must make sure that you are getting at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night. Not only the organization take advantage of weight, but you also extend your life expectancy imaging since sleep is one of the factors that determines your death and age.

The physiological reason for the lack of participation to improve sleep by increasing the appetite, your waistline is that if you do not get enough sleep, two of the most important hormones in the body that control the increasingly important appetite, leptin and ghrelin are significantly reduced if you do not get enough shut eye. These two hormones, though diminished, have no power over the body to suppress your appetite when you're full. Because she is indeed your intended saturation, you basically do not have the all important off-switch that you stop eating, or your power switch is substantially delayed, which tells you pound increase in tympanic more calories in your body.

One study showed that people who had for a night of sleep for an immediate decrease in their leptin and ghrelin levels, helped by an amount of nearly 20% to determine what, how much they wanted to eat that day. Would almost always eat more and above what they normally because they have not the body that the inhibition and that they turn off normally. That is why they say one of the factors for obesity is lack of sleep.
Lack of sleep and eat a lot

One of the things that drives us to overeat, even if we remain the best plan out there, and tend to stick to a healthy diet most of the time, is a lack of sleep. This can be difficult to believe, because the two apparently did not directly linked, but there are studies on the solid fact that sleep deprivation and excessive consumption of foods associated with security. I think it kind of makes sense, because the body thinks it probably needs more "fuel" because it does not get enough sleep, and it is that "fuel" the food you eat what you eat too much and then gain weight.

If you can watch your weight or just trying to eat, to sleep as one of the essential elements of planning a successful campaign, because when you are a person who usually get the not enough sleep, you may have one foot in the fight for a few extra pounds, the are losing, in essence, the excess calories will be stored in less glamorous places on your body. Even if you're very early in the morning, you must make sure that you are getting at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night. Not only the body, but you can also think of extending your life expectancy, because sleep is a factor that determines your death and age.

The physiological reason for the lack of sleep contribute to increasing your waist by an increase in appetite, is that unless you do not sleep enough, two important hormones in the body that controls never important, reduce appetite, leptin and ghrelin significantly when You do not have enough eyes closed. Both hormones reduced, have no power over the body, your appetite when you are fully suppressed, too. Because it really enough to determine that you do not all tell essentially eliminate important stop eating, or it's your turn is significantly delayed, the more stuff Pound increasing the calories in your body.

In one study has shown that people who were deprived of sleep for one night, they direct in their levels of leptin and ghrelin, and almost 20%, which helped to determine how she was eating that day. They are avoiding almost always about the food is usually because their bodies had no inhibitions and move them into the rule. That is why they say one of the factors to obesity is the lack of sleep.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Bedt Diet

Returning to the runway diet is so strong!

Have you ever had one of those weeks or months, where we can not from their constant social engagements, lunches and poor eating occasions, and you suddenly feel not to keep you ready to just a salad or healthier options on the menu with tons of vegetables and order a small portion of the protein? We've all been there.

Well, that's when the iron will or the types of people we all love such as Victoria Beckham or some other ridiculously thin women who hate never an ounce more meat on the bones!

Now I try to remove one of those unfortunate moments today. I'm going to lunch and things on the menu that just make me want to eat, really bad for the rest of the day. It is notoriously difficult when you have lunch, go up on foods high in fat and high Crave strength for the rest of the day, as it is when you expose yourself to the dismal failure from the outset, while engaged in a bad lunch. My friends and I talked about this phenomenon at one time or another, so I think it happens to everyone. Do you feel not alone.

What to do before you start your portions otherwise share, so if you are really hungry, you are a small portion of meat or any kind of strength, but you have let many of these vegetables in a sauce, or the attempt by a large wardrobe, or hell, maybe even a little good old butter and salt!

Next to begin this kind, lightly salted by the consumption of vegetables, and has a sort of fat added to them, I felt like I was a bit without actually filling my body with too many carbohydrates or other types of food which left me wanting more and more.

I also found that self-talk, the day or even a break-up of appetite weight loss hypnosis CD is really the trick, when I get to say an extra boost of will eat my body what it needs to slim and healthy. The question arises if we stuck to, believe me. Sometimes it seems that the only thing that gets me!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Health, longevity of Women Directly to BMI in Relation

While there is certainly no secret that thin, rather than carrying extra weight is healht benefits, it has never really conclusive evidence, however, that is the actual quality of life and survival in otherwise slender women compared with women difficult. There is now a study shows clearly that means women, their survival in good health able to live his life without mental problems and physical problems, it is almost directly proportional to their BMI or Body Mass Index body, which is a measure used to compare body fat is in other tissues such as muscles in the body.

The higher your BMI, body fat, than you, and you're more of various symptoms and diseases, or at least much more prone to suffer for them, so your chances of a healthy life in the eighties, and even your seventies. In particular theme for each kilogram of BMI, which was acquired from the test, was reached at the age of 18 years, has decreased the chances of living to the age of seventy years by 5%.

If you multiple times per year, which can significantly reduce your estimated life expectancy, it is of course very useful to realize that you are compatible with your system and a healthy lifestyle to maintain a certain level of BMI.

What the scientists who led the study, caution is that you do not look harmless as your weight and BMI variations seem to be fairly pointless, as indicated by the results of the study indicate that the weight gain can all affect your health and longevity. If people are probably just as this link BMI affects how much fat is in the same way male to female human body, but the study mentioned that the women.

Your recommendation? To avoid weight gain when you throughout your life and try to do everything in your power to prevent even small changes. Easier said than done, I know!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


This year the American Dietetic Association (the American Association of Nutritional Sciences) advocated that we should consume "Healthy and appropriate." Said Susan Boweman, MS, RD, CSSD, it is easy to say but hard to do. Healthy and Just not only includes the selection of healthy foods, but also to consume them at the right time. "
Body and mind so that you get adequate intake, here are some tips that can help you, Healthy Food consumed at the right time.

Healthy and waking up just in time.
You do not need to eat immediately after waking moment, even though the breakfast was very important. Those who skip breakfast often consume excessive heat I all the morning or at lunch, they also tend to rely on foods high in sugar and caffeine as a source of energy. Light breakfast with a bowl of oatmeal with a little mixture of proteins or a bowl of fruit and enjoy a serving sayur.Atau Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix with low-fat milk and fruit.

Healthy and just before exercise.
Adjust your eating schedule with the duration and intensity of exercise.
You must have enough power before working out - especially if done in the morning. If you do not have enough time, eat easily digestible foods such as smoothy, soups, yogurt or Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix can be alternative.Jika you have enough time to eat regular healthy amount sufficient karbohydrat - whole-grain breads, brown rice, fruits and vegetables remain the major energy for the body when exercising.

Healthy and right after exercise.
After maximal exercise, your body may lack intake. The best time to fill is 30 - 45 minutes after you finish exercising. Your muscles are starving need karbohydrat healthy such as fruits, vegetables or whole grains (whole grains) and one serving of protein.

Healthy food and snack right now.
Half or more of the food we eat comes from outside, so the snack or meal out no longer a special thing. Hold your desire to overeat snack time. If you are trying to reduce the consumption of calories, share the main meal with friends and an additional message salad. Complement or replace the food-rich flour with vegetables.

Healthy and precise when shopping.
If you're shopping for groceries on an empty stomach, then you like a little kid in a candy store - everything looks delicious. Eat healthy foods that tunggi protein, fruit or a handful of nuts before you go so not easy tergiur.Makanlah before shopping, create shopping lists and remain disciplined.

Healthy and appropriate food at night.
Many people consume most of their daily calories between dinner and bedtime. They are eating or not eating light during the daytime to dinner does not provide sufficient intake required to perform daily activities for the brain and their muscles. Allocate your time and mengudaplah eat during the day, eat a light meal at dinner. If the desire to snack after dinner unstoppable, eat pudding, fruit, a handful of nuts or a cup of tea that measured pregnancy. Or brush your teeth right after dinner to keep you do not eat anymore.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Preventing Certainly Better Than Cure.

Prevention of disease will also keep us from medical expenses extraordinary expense. None of the existing disease on this earth who could not afford to be prevented. Conversely, many diseases that until now have not found a cure.

One of the diseases that until now very difficult to treat the cancer. Because it is difficult to treat cancer of course became one of the most deadly diseases.

Like other diseases, even cancer can be prevented with early detection. The earlier cancer treatments known to do so going to get better results. Here I write all the steps of early detection of some cancers enough cause death.

Cervical Cancer (Cervical Cancer)

Pap smear tests done regularly, especially for women who are sexually active. Pap smears should begin after 3 years of sexual activity and the re every three years.

A Pap smear is not necessary for those who have over 65 years old who previously had done a routine check and for those who had her womb removed.

Ovary cancer

Routine examination for early detection of ovarian cancer is by ultrasound. Measurement ca125 levels and pelvic examination is not recommended because the results obtained are not very satisfactory and not practical.

Breast cancer

Early detection of breast cancer is to perform self breast exams (breast self-examination). This examination can be done routinely every day with a feeling whether there is a lump in the breast.

Another inspection is to do a mammogram every 1 to 2 years for women aged over 40 years, especially those who have relatives who have had breast cancer.

Colon Cancer

Routine examination for early detection of colon cancer should be done for those who have aged over 50 years. The tests include blood tests disguised in dirt (Occult blood test) and colonoscopy every ten years.

Early detection should be done early to say they have a high risk that there is a family history of colon cancer.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Child Obesity Causes and How to cope

or overweight is not just the adults. Statistics show that in many countries, Obesity also the children to the extent that concern. Lack of knowledge or the old view that the well child is fat or obese children who are healthy and not malnutrition, although this is very dangerous. Why Obesity or excess weight is dangerous? So what it?

or excess weight can cause many negative effects to health. Children who still do not understand lugu of this danger. So, is the responsibility of the older children to keep them healthy. Parents need to know what causes Obesity and how to prevent or overcome problems Obesity children.

Obesity due to

Disease that can cause

is due to diabetes, high blood, or heart disease. Diseases, which was considered as disease and old age adults, can now be experienced by children due to pile on fat, cholesterol and sugar contained in the body. Respiratory disturbances or greater risk of asthma experienced by children who have experienced Obesity.

In addition, children with excess weight or obesity may also have difficulty moving and subject to growth due to excessive fat dump on the organs of the body should be developed. Not to mention the psychological effects experienced by children, such as ribbing from friends, classmates in children who have been to school.


Some of the causes of Obesity in children is:

* Genetic factors

Factor is the offspring of those old hard to be avoided. When the father or mother have excess body weight, this can be derived on the child.

* Food fast food and snacks in the pack

with the many fast food restaurants is one of the factors the cause. Children most of the food like fast food or fast food even many children who will eat with the greedy and increase the portion of food when eating fast food. While foods such as this usually contain fat and sugar that cause a high Obesity. Parents often use the busy fast food food given to the practical in their children, although the womb to childhood malnutrition. Food fast food even though it favors but does not have a uterus nutrition for growth and development of children. That's why food is often called the fast food with the term junk food or food waste. In addition, children's favorite snacks in the pack or tuck it into the observable.

* Drink light

Just like fast food food, drink (soft drink) evidently has a high sugar contents, so weight will quickly increase when consuming this drink. Taste delicious and refreshing that the children are like this drink.

* Lack of physical activity

Period of children associated with the play. Previously, children's games are usually games that require physical child run, jump or other movement. However, it has been replaced with electronic games, computers, Internet, or television that is quite done with just sitting in front of it without having to move. This causes the children do not exercise so that the excess

body weight

Obesity Solutions

For you who have children with excess body weight or Obesity, should not impose strict diet for children because it can disrupt the growth and health. Instead Obesity to overcome or prevent the child so that your child does not experience Obesity, the steps that you can do the following, among others.

* Please note that food will be provided for children

Reduce foods fast food or fast food, snacks in the packaging, soft drink, sweet or cemilan food with high fat contents. Instead, serve fresh vegetables and meat. many fruit and milk consumption is good for the growth of children. Provide the appropriate portion and not too excessive.

* Provide breakfast and provision for children

Breakfast is a good early start time for the day. This is necessary so that children can be strong when beraktivitas in school and prevent over-eating later. By bringing food from home, the elderly can control the nutrition of children and prevent child that does not need to jajan outside.

* Improve food process engineering

Do not fry too much food that not too much fat is consumed. You can try to steam, boil or broil foods so that more healthy food.

* Set rules to eat

try to eat so that your child is not on the table in front of the television or computer. Many people will not realize how much food is eaten when he was eating while enjoying the impression in front of the television or computer.

* Limit of watching television, video games or computer use

Doing these activities will make you lazy children move, they need explicit rules about how long this activity may be done. Next, you can help your child to be like other entertainment such as biking, playing ball or just jump rope.

* Perform activities that require physical activity

You and your children can plan to do with sports activities such as jogging, running the morning, swimming, badminton or other sports. Or plan a holiday together on the beach, zoo or park so that you and your children can walk more.

Children who are fat is funny. But keep favored son and daughter so that we grow with them and also have a healthy pattern of living and a healthy eating pattern. Parents are responsible for providing the best for their children. Remember, Obesity or overweight is not a good thing for a child.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Best Life Diet

ZotrimWhat Is The Best Life Diet?

Exercise physiologist Bob Greene's juankberna Life diet is an easy-to-follow, no-gimmicks approach to a healthy diet and lifestyle. It's a dietitian's dream diet - and one that apparently changed talk show host Oprah Winfrey's life. Winfrey in the foreword describes how, after years of struggling with diets, she found success with The Best Life Diet.

There is nothing groundbreaking about The Best Life Diet. Greene's "diet" is synonymous with the phrase "lifestyle change." There's no going on and off this diet , because it's not a "diet." It's a lifestyle of healthy eating, with an emphasis on regular physical activity.

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The Best Life Diet is a safe, effective way to lose weight and improve fitness. But it is not quick or temporary. You're encouraged to make gradual changes, one step at a time. The aim is to transform your old eating and exercise habits into healthier new ones that will last a lifetime.

Depending on your gender and activity level, juankberna Life Diet guidelines suggests calorie levels ranging from 1,500-2,500 and a recommended number of servings from the various food groups. The basic premise is that the more active you are, the more calories you can eat.

Greene's fitness insights and easygoing style makes weight loss easy to understand. Lots of great tips, recipes, menus, and useful tools are included to help dieters get and stay motivated. The Best Life Diet is easily tailored to a wide array of personal lifestyles, activity levels, and food preferences. The program can be followed online for a fee, or by the book.
What You Can Eat on The Best Life Diet

There is no calorie-counting on the Best Life Diet, only a mindful approach to making wise food choices and monitoring portion sizes. Splurge are worked into the program during the third phase with an allotment of "anything goes" calories.

It appears very simple. You can enjoy a wide variety of healthy foods while slowly ridding your diet of unhealthier choices such as fried foods, foods containing trans fats, white bread, sugary soft drinks, regular pasta, and high-fat dairy. These foods are phased out and replaced with healthier foods such as whole grains, fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy, and more. Weekly eating plans provide suggested meals.

Greene has placed his Best Life Diet seal of approval logo on a variety of food products he recommends as healthy. Dieters are asked to make their healthier choices from a recommended list of foods from companies involved in corporate sponsorship.
How The Best Life Diet

Greene's Best Life premise is to promote a non dieting mind-set so you can focus on improving your life and gaining control over your struggles with eating and weight. While strict diet plans usually set you up for disappointment and ultimate failure, dieters Greene sets up for success, one small step at a time.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Herbalife Protein Shake Proven├žal Effective in Clinical Study

ZotrimDate recently from the National Statistic Office in Korea, indicate that almost one third of the Korea-about 10 million people-the excess body weight, in which this amount is increased by around 400,000 each year.

The researchers at Seoul National University Hospital in Korea recently reported that the use of food is an effective strategy to reduce body weight and body fat, and improve the indicators for conditions associated with Obesity.

Study published in the February issue, the International Journal of Clinical Practice involving 75 men and women who have experienced Obesity with metabolic syndrome - with a number of factors including high blood pressure, a large waistline, high sugar and trigliserida in the blood and the low degree cholesterol 'good' HDL in the blood for a period of 12 weeks.

All subject to change two main meals each day with a substitute liquid food (Herbalife Formula 1) but randomly selected to consume food containing Protein in the number of standard-about 15% of total calories - or the amount of protein for those who are included in the scheme of protein higher.

After the end of 12 weeks, and both groups experienced a decrease in body weight and both are on the abdomen. But on the subject of eating patterns that follow the most stringent, namely those in the high-protein group experienced a decrease in body fat is more body mass and a decrease in non-fed less than those who consume the amount of protein in the standard.

"The findings indicate that food is a replacement strategy that is very valuable in lowering body weight and body fat," said Belong Cho, MD, Ph.D., from the Faculty of Family Medicine at Seoul National University Hospital and a leading researcher on the study. " With the increasing incidence Obesity and overweight in Korea is necessary to find a way to find a way to help people lose weightand reduce their risk of experiencing interference associated with the metabolic syndrome such as Obesity. "

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What Dangers and Problems of Rapid Weigh Loos...?

In the United States, about two-thirds of the adult population is overweight or obese, and hundreds of thousands of Americans this is understandably interested in rapidly losing weight is not desired. Many just want to lose weight before an important event, such as an upcoming holiday or wedding, while others are willing to accept the fact that permanent, healthy weight is a lifetime commitment.


While is certainly easy to understand how you want to lose weight as quickly as possible, hold the light, you must proceed with caution. Although it is possible to lose weight, or at least a small part of that, in the relatively short time, you should be aware that there are dangers and problems associated with it.

One of the many dangers of rapid weight loss is only inherent in some of the many actions that bring some people. For example, it is common to hear from people who have decided to fast, ie do not eat, while trying to achieve a fast weight loss goals. Go without food, even for a short period of time, can be dangerous to your health. It deprives you of many nutrients needed for health and will immediately cause your metabolism to slow. At that time, weight loss will stop early if not already. At some future time, when you return to the normal consumption of calories, as do most of the diet, your body will burn fewer calories than you do, and the excess is stored as fat ... more fat than before spending akan was quick weight loss program.

This results in a condition in which people now weighs more than they did before the weight loss program or diet. They are trying to lose weight back on food by the same or a similar program. This time, with the weight loss more difficult to do so, the basic metabolic rate may decrease further, and eventually people will quit the diet and get more weight! This cycle is often referred to as the yo-yo Dieting, and, as you can see, this is the situation itself.

During an extreme diet, one in which as few as two or three pounds a week is lost, Dieter may lose lean muscle mass. Lean muscle mass is the 'incinerator' of excess calorie burn, and can only make healthy weight loss even more difficult. In addition, with less lean muscle, a very rarely feel as involved in activities that help burn fat.

Although the fact that rapid weight loss' danger 'is relatively small but quite original, results, or lack of same, if combined with the loss of nutrition that is required seems to really not worth the effort or risk. However, note that in front of several clinical conditions, or when trying to achieve rapid weight loss through extreme measures, the danger to health, and even life itself, can be very real.

A Weight Loss SOLUTION

The alternative is better for 'going on a diet' is to cut back on food that you eat, especially foods such as the empty sweet with sugar, processed food or weight, or just want to make sure that the food they are eating healthy. Through restrict calories, you should be able to complete the several types of body weight in the time that you want. However, it is important that you do keep a healthy eating plan and life.

And sports and stay HEALTHY EATING

Along with healthy living and eating habits, other important components of weight loss should always exercise. Unfortunately, many people do not realize that it can take up to one week or more to find signs of results from exercise, and the results are very clear that progress may be weeks or even months. However, in the long run, sports, combined with a sensible diet, proper hydration (lots of water), and the rest will result in a more permanent and more healthy body weight.

Note, by the way, those that begin with the exercise program, especially one that has a strength training component ... because ... may have to really notice a small weight gain at first. This is normal and only the results from the addition of lean muscle mass, which is healthy for the body, and this will help burn calories and fat. The scary part for the individual who lean muscle mass often increases faster than they lose fat, while the weight gain.

With all that said, the good news is that you must lose more weight, is that the sooner you can start seeing results from a combination of regular exercise program and healthy eating and living.

While exercise should certainly be part of every plan to lose weight in a healthy and permanently, it is very important that you do not overdo it. This is important especially if you have not previously a regular exercise plan. Walking on the treadmill for two hours, not twenty minutes, can burn fat more quickly, but, at the same time, you might also land in the hospital. It is much better to start at a very safe and gradually work your way up to more difficult to start from some point in the workouts is higher because you can only be good and give up because that only maintain the speed is too difficult, or because of some exercise injury.

Diet Plans and weight LOSS PRODUCT

Another problem that must be considered when discussing fast weight loss, is taking medication or weight of the product ... especially the sale rack at the supermarket or through some magazine ad or on the Internet. The good news is that some products at this time do a little work, and some are even safe, you probably can not tell you what you get for the money or what will you do for health in the long term. These products, such as the Alli diet pill, best work, if at all, when used together with regular exercise program and appropriate nutritional practices anyway. However, if you already do that, just make sure that you will lose a safe amount of weight at a healthy level without having to pay additional helpers who do not have health benefits and permanent stop working as soon as you stop using this.

If you are interested in weight loss products, such as diet pills or clean, to help you lose weight, it is very important that you do research first. This should, at the very least, read product reviews involved to know the effectiveness and discusing with a qualified health professional.

This is very important that you proceed with the utmost caution if trying to achieve a fast weight loss is still interesting for you. Although unexpected events or appearances will occur without much notice, most individuals have at least one month from the time before the big events like weddings or even going on vacation to someplace where they wear Bikinis day. Once you become aware of your upcoming event, you are advised to start trying to lose weight in a healthy and reasonable way and, if you are interested to do so.

Tactic that may be even better simply to adopt a healthy lifestyle of proper nutrition combined with exercise. Then you will never need to worry about events like that, and you do not need to 'diet' or try some other ways to achieve rapid weight loss .

Ten good Eat Like a Vegetarian

UniqueHoodiaIncreasingly evident that the most healthy diet loaded with vegetable food (Sayur-vegetables, fruits and nuts) and less on animal food (meat, fish, poultry and milk), especially the high fat womb.

Diet rich in fruits and vegetables play a role in reducing the risk of all major causes of illness and death," said Walter Willet, Head of Nutrition at the Harvard School Public Health.

For most people, vegetarian is a word that is too heavy. Because the word specifically refers to people who never eat meat, fish or poultry for ethical reasons, religion or health. Vegan people also avoid all dairy products and eggs. But scientists are more interested in how often-if not consume animal food. And much research they refer to the same conclusion: people should consume less food animal and more vegetable foods, especially fruits and vegetables. Why? These are the ten reasons why some health-related, some not.

1. Cancer
"The science is suggesting that fruits and vegetables is protective element for all digestive cancers and all cancers associated with smoking," said Tim Byers, professor Drugs Prevention Health Science Center at the University of Colorado at Denver. Included in lung cancer, colon, stomach, mouth, larynx, esophagus and bladder. Latest research and found that Lycopene carotenoid in tomatoes and tomato sauce may protect against cancer prostat.

Not clear how fruits and vegetables can reduce the risk of cancer. Perhaps Phytochemicalnya womb - something like carotenoid, vitamin C and E, selenium, indole, flovonoid, limonene, and phenol

There is also evidence that grains such as high-fiber grain leather can reduce the risk of cancer. "Fiber has a good in preventing colon cancer," said David Jenkins, a fiber expert at the University of Toronto. And pasta, rice and other grains can replace the animal foods - red meat, in particular - which can increase the risk of some cancers.

"The men who consumed red meat as a main food five or more times per week have four times the risk of colon cancer than those who consumed red meat less than once a month," says Edward Giovannucci of the Havard Medical School. They consume a lot of red meat is also likely affected twice prostat cancer in 50,000 men to research health professionals.

That is just one study. See the others, said Lawrence Kushi of the University of Minnesota, "the real proof that red meat is associated with higher risk of colon cancer-prostat possibility."

But not even fatty red meat can increase the risk of colon cancer. "Perhaps carsinogen that when meat is cooked or womb iron in meat is high, or something else in the flesh," Willett speculate.

2.heart disease
Fiber that is soluble Easy: "To reduce the risk of heart disease, you may want to eat more beans, bean, wheat, and barley," says Jenkins, because the fibers are easily larutnya a "sticky" it seems to help lower blood cholesterol.

* Acid Folik: "Evidence that folik acids reduce the risk of heart disease is strong enough," said Willett. Folik acid, a type of B vitamin, amino acid down the uterus in the dangerous blood called homocysteine. "And the fruits and vegetables are the main source of acid folik," he adds.

* Antioxidants: the stronger the evidence suggests that LDL cholesterol ( "bad") blood vessel damage only when teroksidasi (terkombinasi with oxygen). That's why the researchers believe that antioxidants like vitamin E can protect the heart. And many phytochemical in fruits and vegetables are antioxidants.

* Reduce saturated Fat: if you consume a lot of vegetable foods, there will be fewer places for the saturated animal fat clog the blood vessel.

3. Strok (which usually attacks the brain, along with disability)
There is much evidence that shows that fruits and vegetables useful to reduce the risk of strok affected, "Willett said. For example, in research for 20 years of age 832 male part-old, the risk strok 22 percent lower for each of three dishes of fruits and vegetables they eat each day. Once again, no one sure if potassium, magnesium, and fiber or other components of fruits and vegetables to prevent the stoppage of blood vessel in the brain.

4. Diverticulosis and Constipation
Grains, especially high-fiber grain leather - can help prevent constipation. That's not the case in countries such as the U.S. spends millions of dollars a year to expedite drugs to defecate.

Diverticulosis is also common. Approximately 30 to 40 percent of people aged above 50 years mengalaminya. Other experience bleeding, constipation, diarrhea, gas in the stomach, pain, or diverticulisis (when the pouch or diverticula form in the colon wall to become excited).

"In our research, is clear that the fibers of the skin of the wheat and fruits and vegetables are protecting," said Willett. Those who eat at least fiber (13 grams or less in a day) is almost twice diverticulosis can be infected than those who eat most fiber (at least 32 grams of fiber a day).

5. Diseases other
Vegetable diet can prevent other illnesses:

> Degeneration families: karotenoid called lutein is found in most green leaves can help prevent damage to the retina causing blindness in the elderly. "In our research, people who ate spinach or collard green two to four times a week have half the risk of degeneration makula compared with those eating less than once a month," says Johanna Seddon of Harvard Medicine School.

> Damaged nerve tube: Supplements folik acid can reduce the risk of spina bifida and other nerve damage vessel. Folik of acid foods (most fruits and vegetables) can also reduce the risk.

> Diabetes: "We found a lower risk of diabetes in adults who eat more grains," Willett said.

6. Food is more secure
Some of the most off the disease caused by food entering the body through the food animal. "Meat is a source of cattle most of the E. Coli 0157: H7. Birds carry Salmonella and Campylobacter, and consumption of raw shellfish has caused infection of Vibrio vulnificus, "says David Swerdlow of the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta.

Any raw food, including fruits and vegetables can carry dangerous bacteria. "For example, salmonella outbreaks recently have been associated with belewah, tomato and alfalfa sprout," said Swerdlow. But meat, seafood and poultry is the main cause of the disease because of the food.

7. Ecosystime
"The habit we have a great meal on the planet Earth," said Jenkins. "Consume the meat of animals will not harm the environment if done on a smaller scale," said Alan Durning, Director of Environment of the sea in West Seattle.

"Modern meat production involves intensive use - and often incorrect use of the seeds, water, energy and farm animals," said Durning. He mentioned the examples of the following:

- Air pollution: fertilizer and sewage disposal from storage area livestock, poultry farm, and the provision of facilities to other food animals can cause pollution of water supplies.

- Air pollution: thirty million tons of methane gas that cause global warming come from manure in sewage disposal ponds, or hoarding.

- Soil erosion: nearly 40 percent of grain production of the world and more than 70 percent in the U.S. fed to livestock. For each pound of meat, poultry, eggs and milk we produce, agricultural fields lose about five pounds the ground surface.

- The dilution water: estimated half of the grain and straw provided as food for beef cattle in the land of flow water. Require approximately 390 gallons of water to produce one pound beef.

- Use of Energy: to produce and transport cattle required more energy than ten-fold compared with the vegetables.

- Most of the farm livestock: roughly 10 percent of the West region of the United States has changed into a dry desert due to a farm. But some parts of the land can not be used for other purposes. "That's why my argument is not to understand vegetarian, but that people reduce the use of animal products," maintains Durning.

8. Cost
Of course, you can spend $ 7.99 for one pound mesclun (green salad leaves, usually from the lettuce leaves) or other food. But from squash to sweet potatoes, most plants are downright cheap. And the price is lower than the plant as evidenced when you eat outside. The menu at Chinese restaurants, Indian, and in other restaurants, vegetarian options are usually cheaper than meat, seafood and poultry. .

9. Animal Welfare
Not fun to think this, but before we cut, the animals we eat are often raised and moved in a condition that is not humane.

10. Taste
Reason number one for food-vegetable diet because it is a tasty. Five kinds of vegetables are the most commonly eaten by Americans is fried potatoes, tomatoes (mostly as sauce or soy sauce), onion, lettuce, and other types of potatoes.

But if most Americans reduce consumption of meat, seafood and poultry on their dinner plates, most of them or their favorite restaurant will not know with what replace. You must go to ethnic restaurants to get food-based plant of interest. Not a coincidence that ethnic restaurants know how to make cooking vegetables that taste delicious. "Fortunately, a lot of experience in the world because almost all traditional diet is plant-based," said Willett.

However, Italian restaurants, Mexican restaurants, and other ethnic restaurants have become as American as most vegetables have replaced them with meat or cheese. And that's shameful. In the Asian and Mediterranean cuisines, cooking fruits and vegetables is an art form. Italian people do not put a lot of meat and cheese on pizza, for example. I recently ate pizza that is thin and crisp in a traditional restaurant with no cheese - just fresh basil, tomato and onion. It's really nice

11 types of foods for healthy

Did you know, if there is no perfect diet. Somehow, the low-carbohydrate diet, high protein diet or other diet-diet. Because, in fact we all need nourishing. The core of the diet is to apply the pattern to eat a balanced and healthy. So, as long as you apply the pattern of eating a balanced and healthy you do not need to limit the oxygen-food substances such as protein and carbohydrate.

To apply a balanced eating pattern, of course you must also need to know food-healthy foods should be consumed. Healthy food that was consumed for food-food that the process a little concoction. Especially vegetables, fruits, milk, pure, and others. Gynecology carbohydrate, protein and fat in it is still not added to the original flavor other.

Many substance-important substances from the food lost in the cooking process, especially if cooked in a long time. To Minimize the cooking time to maintain enzyme, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other nutrients naturally found in food. This is so that the food we consume is useful for the body and can meet our needs.

One example of food that you cooked for consumption without cooking or with the process that is the nuts. Long beans you can eat as a snack or directly as a condiment with lalapan without the need to boil first. Important that you have with it under running water with clean. Then, for soybean or peanut, rebuslah briefly and then eat as snack.

To get the best of animal protein, you should choose chicken or beef is growing in the pasture, not in livestock. Because, usually beef or chicken breeding farm has been in the injected hormone and antibiotics in order to grow large. No lag, the source of animal protein that we also often is fish consumption. Do not cook fish too long and should not be fried with oil that is too many and it is very hot because it will remove the nutrient in

For fruits, which should always be your consumption of apples is. Apples contain a lot of fiber which is very good for the digestive system, uterus mineralnya also good for the bones. Apael addition, there are also pieces that can be consumed regularly, the pomegranate. Some research indicates that pomegranate fruit can slow the growth of cancer cells and can be a natural viagra for men. To consume the fruit should direct consumption only and if possible do not add the juice of sugar in it.

In addition, do not include the behind onion in your cooking. Such as onion, garlic, and bombay onion. Onion has been famous since thousands of years ago working to reduce the risk of heart disease. In fact, some research revealed garlic can help prevent cancer occurred.

Obesity Danger

Zotrimmany people are now experiencing stress and result in obesity as a result can not control body weight. According to Dr Joseph Suyanto there are two things that is associated with obesity Feed excessive eating and physical activity is less. At this time, people rarely do the activity. People more relaxed and more choose to eat fast food.

Besides Feed excessive food and lack of physical activity, genetic factors also play a role of Obesity. From various research Obesity in the children come from families of Obesity. If both parents experience Obesity, about 80 percent of children experience the same thing. Meanwhile, when only one parent, possibly around 40 percent.
Another thing that factors into Obesity is a risk of experiencing psychological factors, pregnancy and age factors. In addition, there are several types of drugs that can lead to increased body weight. Among the steroid (deksametason and the like) and the depression medications (tricyclic antidepressant), and akseptor KB. "There is some deviation body can also lead to Obesity. For example, a decrease tiroid gland function, increased production of adrenal gland hormone, and the ovarium polikistik disease syndrome, "said Anto doctor.
Furthermore, the Chairman of the Manado STIKES Muhammadiyah, which should be waspadai, the complications of Obesity;

First, Diabetes Type 2, because of the high fat content can cause the body to become resistant to insulin. So the insulin does not function normally, causing diabetes (diabetes).

Second, the High Blood Pressure. Experts suspect this is related to the nervous and hormone (neurohormonal) activation occurs rennin-angiotensin system aldosteron. Was increasing prokoagulan components (which cause the stoppage of blood pressure). It also can damage the blood vessel wall.

Third complications of the Obesity, abnormal body fat. Because of the high degree of fat content resulted in the high fat bad (LDL), and decrease the fat content (HDL) increase the risk arterosklerosis (stoppage of blood vessel).

Fourth, Stroke and coronary heart disease (PJK). Due to arteosklerosis, it was increasing the likelihood of blood vessel clog the brain (causing stroke), blood vessel and plug the heart (causing PJK).

Fifth, Osteoarthritis (limestone joints). Result is too fat, then the burden of the joint body weight, so that increased calcium.

Sixth, Sleep Apnea. There was a barrier air flow at the top of the bed. So that all people experience the breath right at the time of sleep, and with a heavy grunt. The result is often awakened at night to sleep, and fatigue experienced while working lunch this day, some people are overweight, so that the neck and belly breath narrow channel.

Seventh, Cancer. There are several types of cancer that has a correlation with Obesity. In the women, including breast cancer, womb neck, ovarium and gall bladder. While in the men's Obesity among colon cancer and Prostate.

Eighth, fat heart. Cumulation of fat occurred here in the heart. Cause inflammation and tissue bind to the liver, to cause liver cirrhosis, liver disease is difficult to be cured.
While for the last one that is gall bladder disease. The high level of cholesterol in the cumulation Obesity can lead to cholesterol in the gall bladder. So that the risk of gallstone increases

What the Benefits of Sports

What is the benefit for the sports body? certainly also for the well-being to keep the body stamina. continue to benefit other sports do? Other benefits of the sport is as follows;

Sport that can cause feelings of happiness, even if the liquid level is done at least 10 minutes every day can make to become more mentally healthy. But this does not mean that the patient RSJ sport will always improve their mental interference the soul. For the case of patient Hospital Life certainly is different because they have mental not healthy.

Besides sports make a smooth blood circulation, lower cholesterol because it can burn fat and calories also reduces the risk of high blood and Obesity. In fact, according to Daniel Landers, a UniqueHoodiaprofessor of sports education Arizona State University to find other sports to benefit the human brain. According to Daniel Landers, the benefits of sport to the brain as follows:

1. Improving the ability of the brain
Physical exercise routine that can improve concentration, creativity, and mental health. Because the sport can increase the amount of oxygen in blood and quicken the flow of blood to the brain. Experts believe that these things can boost physical and mental reaction to something better.

2. Help delay the process olders
Research proves that a simple exercise such as walking regularly can help reduce mental decline in women over 65 years. The more often older and they do eat more slow mental decline. Say, many people feel the benefits of the activity after the nine weeks to do on a regular basis three times a week. This exercise should not be done in a high intensity. Quite a walk around the house.

3. Reduce stress
Sports can reduce the restlessness. Even more, you can help to control anger. Aerobic exercise can improve heart and make you more quickly overcome the stress. Activities such as walking, swimming, cycling, and running is the best way to reduce stress.

4. Increase body resistance
If you're happy to do sports although not too long but often or long to do but with a relaxed, the activities that can increase the hormones in the brain, such as adrenalin, serotonin, dopamin, and endorfin. These hormones play a role in increasing the body resistance. Studies conducted in Britain showed that 83 percent of people who have mental disturbances on sports to improve mood and reduce restlessness.

5. Improve self-confidence
Generally, the more advanced type of a person in an activity, then the confidence will be increased. In fact, research proves that an active youth sports are more confident than with friends who do not perform similar activities.

Meanwhile, researchers at Duke University found that 60 percent of depression, people who do sports for four weeks with a frequency of three times a week and every 30 minutes during exercise can overcome the symptoms without drugs. Although the steps that are effective but not the means treatment can be stopped immediately, especially for the weight of depression.

So sport is a panacea that cheap to get healthy physical and spiritual. Moreover, now we face a global economic crisis, if you feel saturated right to exercise it. Make the most easy and once again be happy to do.

10 food for healthy

If you want to reach the ideal target weight quickly and easily, selecting 10 consume healthy food list below for day-to-day, may bring good results. Eat-food is not difficult to get in, low-calorie, the source of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber.


Such as apples, is a good example of the fiber that is easily digested to help fight cholesterol. Fleshy fruit is also a good source of vitamin C.

Almond nuts

Food is rich with fiber and protein, besides also good sources for iron, and vitamin E. maknesium Consumption is still raw or already processed to get the best results, and avoid that is flavored with salt or a lot of processed food in the form of sweet, because that is bad for your diet program.


Blueberri a rich source of fiber, vitamin C and antioxidants. In addition to this all types of Berri could be other options the same good. Eaten while still fresh or added to yogurt, cereals and salad. blueberri benefits to keep good health.


Spinach is one of 10 healthy foods that are useful for hair and skin. spinach contains a lot of iron, calcium, fiber maknesium vitamins A and C.

Red Beans

Red beans has womb fiber, protein, iron, phosphorus, maknesium high and a number of vitamins and minerals. Add red beans in a salad or soup you make to add a delicious and healthy food from you.


Vegetables may feel menjijikan for those who do not like vegetables, but broccoli source of calcium, postasium and vitamins A and C. To get the best results from this food is not cooked well-done, and avoid using excessive cheese and sauce.


One type of yam is rich with vitamins. In cassava are vitamins A, B, C and E. In addition, cassava is also low calorie, especially if baked or cooked with sugar.


Most species of fish and seafood is a healthy choice, but the salon is the most good fish with the protein contents and amino acid omega 3 high. In addition, salmon is also lower cholesterol


Grain-rich vitamin B3 or vitamin B3, vitamin B1 or thiamin, iron, fiber and vitamin E. Grain cereals are also good for your diet.


Soybean contains omega 3, calcium and iron. This popular food for the vegetarian. In addition to regular cooked soybeans can also be enjoyed in the form of Tofu, or susu breadbeen and know.


Not only healthy food you need in the diet, healthy fluids also vital. Pin lace without fat or fat rich in vitamin D and calcium are also important for your bone health.


No one is better for our health than pure fresh water. Drinking eight glasses a day will help clean up the former food and prevent dehydration in your body.

Monday, July 13, 2009

The Aerobic

Aerobic activities or sports are also given the name of sport cardiovascular / kardio vaskuler and endurance sports. Consists of repetitive movements (repetition dati one full movement), which involves contraction of large muscle groups of arms and legs. Most of the low-intensity activities that you collect during the day you do this sport category. At the level of energy expenditure is higher, aerobic sports will increase the heart rate, breathing and you.

Aerobic sport is the major part of any type and the type of fitness program. Almost all the research that looked benefits of sport in the disease activity revolve on the heart and blood vessel (cardiovasculer), including running, joging, swimming, and cycling.

Experts recommend that when you do aerobic sports, exercise at moderate intensity / light. Because the level of activity is safe for almost everyone, and provide the desired health benefits.

If you just start doing a sports program or have a medical condition does not allow you to do this level of activity, sporting a more mild on most days of the weekend (4-6 days) can be a substitute for the spirit, although it will not generate all benefits obtained from the aerobic activity with a higher level.

As a result of research which concluded that the time for taking bribe aerobic exercise, show that you can get some benefits for the heart and blood vessel even if you break 30 minutes your time into three or four with the 8-10 minutes, to give them equal intensity .

However, you should avoid doing activities with the rare high-intensity. This approach is not healthy for several reasons. first, you reduce the risk fell ill hypertension, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, and other health conditions that totaly depends on the volume rather than intensity sports.

In addition, activities with higher intensity to increase the potential injury your muscles and joints and sudden death due to heart rhythm disturbances (heart rhythm disturbances). Before you start sports aerobic exercise session, do the first 5-10 minutes warming light and movement with low intensity as the heating: this is very important to avoid injury. And cooling to do with the length of time the same or nearly the same.

Healthy food

Skin care from the outside is certainly often you hear. Starting from the natural as lulur traditional ways to a more modern, such as botox, and others. The question, in addition to care from the outside that have been mentioned before, there does not care who's in the can do to make your skin healthy? It turns the skin a healthy and beautiful can also be obtained through the food nutritious and complies with the type of skin.

Healthy food does not taste the seenak junk food, but with the condition of your skin to identify and choose healthy foods and beverages and in accordance with the nutrient composition is needed will be very helpful. Or can also get the food to eat each day. Because I do not always have a nutritious food that does not taste that good.

Some types of fruit and vegetables and spices below can make your choice. Where is the food-food is certainly full of womb vitamin A, C, E, iron and selenium are needed and the body skin.

1. Orange, the color orange is rounded to accompany you during lunch. Replace mineral water or soft drink is normal ordered with orange juice. Avoid sugar or sweetener. better if the drunk murni.banyak contain vitamin E is good for the skin.

2. Avocado fruit, this fruit such as citrus fruit that contains a lot of vitamin E that is suitable for your skin. Can be consumed directly or in juice. Oil is often used as basic materials for body soap and face that can be used from babies to adults.

3. Apricot fruit, suitable for dry and dull skin. Before sleep Care for yourself with plain milk mixed with apricot fruit.

4. For dry and sensitive skin, can be strawberry fruit choice. Fruits contain antioxidants that is beneficial for the body to maintain health skin

5. Begin your love vegetables, like carrots, in addition to the eye is also good for your skin.

6. Sunflower seeds or the more familiar with kuaci can be used as an alternative cemilan favorites. In addition to maintaining the strength of bones, sunflower seed containing thiamin and niacin are also useful for maintaining brain health and skin moisture.

7. Women usually fear of eating eggs, the eggs are rich in protein to maintain health skin. Origin is not consumed in excessive amount of course will not be a problem.

8. Onion and garlic. Garlic is recommended to be consumed, especially for women. Because it contains chromium and vitamin C can reduce the risk of cancer diseases as well as keep the bones to remain strong. While the onion can help to rejuvenate the skin at once sublime. Do not be afraid of baunya the jackal, as can be removed with polish teeth.

9. Cereals, in addition to easily presented, also the composition of the vitamin for the body and skin. Especially if you have added susu womb calcium needed for bones and teeth.

Food for Healthty Heart

During this time you may be less health care with your heart. While this disease is a malignant disease that can attack anyone. If not immediately anticipated to be betting your life.

Heart health depends not only on factors gen. Many other factors that can keep in your heart, as do regular physical activity, control your stress better, and make a balanced diet that is not less important is to set up Feed the food is good for the body. Feed choose foods with the heart health can be protected. Want to know what type of food is good for your heart? Following list of 10 foods that you are worthy of consumption:

1. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is one of the breakfast is very good because it contains rich nutrition with omega 3, folate and potassium. Oat also deliver protein, potassium, magnesium and other minerals, such as containing the phytonutrient antioxidants. Gynecology trusted fiber can reduce cholesterol level and counteractive of sugar in the blood. As a combination, bananas can be a pair that are appropriate for your breakfast oatmeal.

2. Salmon

Fish is the biggest source of omega. Salmon consumed regularly can improve blood pressure, helps to normal blood coagulation and reduce the risk of stroke is exposed to attack. Salmon also contain antioxidants good for the brain and skin health. So, you need not fear senile or have skin that is not healthy when you are old later.

3. Olive oil

Olives naturally contain some compound such as fenol, tokoferol, sterol, pigment, and squalen which play an important role in human health. Olive oil also contains the most triasilgliserol Among the saturated fatty acid is not a single type of oleat give positive effect for heart health. According to research at Harvard, that is not saturated fat ganda of the olive oil can reduce LDL cholesterol level (low density lipoprotein). Where LDL blood cholesterol level is evil that can pile up in the arterial walls.

4. Flax seeds

Flaxseed Oil is plant oil from the seeds of flax (linum utitassimum) or also known as the hemp plant. Linseed acid-rich with fatty acid omega sesensial especially fat -3/alpha-linolenic (such as a fatty acid in fish) and the fatty acid omega-6 linolenic (such as a fatty acid in vegetable oils).

Results of research from Simmon College, Boston, Massachusetts, the ability mengindikasi linseed in preventing the occurrence of heart attack duakali. Some research also found another substance substance anti-bacterial, anti fungi and anti-bacteria on linseed. So that the linseed oil used as part of menjegah therapy for heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and angina
5. Spinach

Spinach contains a variety of vitamins B, C, E, iron, potassium and various minerals including betaine that is useful for heart health. Spinach also contains lutein is good for the eyes and does not contain calories, so can be eaten as often as possible in accordance with the desire. But if you do not like vegetables prefer Popeye, you can replace them with other types of vegetables. Because the two types of vegetables consumed each day can reduce the risk of heart disease up to 25 percent.
Incomplete if it does not eat dates during fasting month. If the fruits usually contain the energy and calories are not so low as to dates. Womb with a high carbohydrate dates are a source of energy is also high. Even the highest among all other fruits. Because of that date is suitable to restore the energy after a whole day fasting. For people who eat a lot of dates at the time sahur akan hold a fresh and hungry because food is also rich in fiber.

Dates can be eaten in the dry or fresh. Dates can also be used for various dishes, such as: various products of bread, candy, ice cream, and syrup. In Middle Eastern countries, dates are usually consumed with processed susu. Dates contain some useful material for health, such as: potassium, salisilat, karbihidrat, and vitamins.

1. Potassium

In 100 gr dried dates there are 666 mg potassium, so nutritious reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. Potassium is a mineral essential to reinforce the blood vessel, making a regular heartbeat, the muscle contraction, and stabilize blood pressure.

2. Salisilat

Salisilat is a substance that is used as the raw material of aspirin (drug subtrahend / remover pain and fever). Salisilat is to prevent blood coagulation, anti inflamasi, remover, and pain. Regular low-dose aspirin (less than half the dose or the usual drink per day) able to help prevent headache to heart attack and stroke.

According Nurfi Afriansyah IEC Staff Researchers Puslitbang Nutrition Nutrition Bogor, salisilat can also affect the prostaglandin group of fatty acid hidroksida stimulate the smooth muscle contraction and lower blood pressure. Salisilat usually found on the dates that have been dried.

3. Sugar or carbohydrate substance

Gynecology carbohydrate in the palm harvested when still raw and soggy around 60% while the dry dates (which dry out in the sun bronzed tree) around 70%. 100 grams of dates is able to supply 230 kcal energy.

According to dr. Anwar El Multi from Egypt, palm sugar contains 70% oxygen and is not harmful for health. Most varieties contain palm sugar glucose (the type of sugar in the blood) or fruktosa (type of sugar in most fruits). Substance is easily digested and burned by the body resulting in a high energy without the body to make it work, mencerna, and make it as good nutrition.

According to Dr. David Conning Director of the British Nutrition Foundation, a glass of water containing glucose will be absorbed within 20 - 30 minutes. While the sugar contained in the new dates be merged in time-out 45 - 60 minutes.

4. Vitamin and Nutrition substance

In every 100 grams of dried dates are 50 IU Vitamin A, Vitamin C 0.4 mg, 0.09 mg Tiamin; 0.10 mg Riboflavin, 2.20 mg Niasin, nikotinat acid and iron. Substances-vitamin that works to help release energy, maintain the skin and nerve to remain healthy, and important for the function of the heart organ.

5. Important minerals (magnesium, potasium and calcium)

Dates also contain hormones such potuchsin can menciutkan vein in the womb so that it can prevent the occurrence of bleeding womb.

6. Fat

Gynecology fat on the palm fruit is very low ie 0.4 grams per 100 grams of dates.

By eating only one portion of the extra potassium-rich food at least 400 mg / day the risk of fatal stroke fell ill can be derived up to 40%. The minimum 400 mg / day is filled with easy to only eat dried dates at least about 65 grams, equivalent to only five grains dates

Sunday, July 12, 2009

with the exercise routine? If you have already done so, must also have many benefits that you feel for this. Whether that can be perceived directly, and that your natural levels in a certain time. All of these benefits, and reflects the seriousness of the business you do in routine practice.

But more than that, many things that you can actually get with the sport. Not only realized in the physical health and mental well-being, but this event also gives pride of what you are diligent with the Go.

For example, as the athletes get athletic achievement in kagiatan. Thus, the happy feeling of relief and not a few people who make the sport as a hobby that should be satisfied.

1. For Health.
To be sure if the sports that we do well and right in the portion of practice and procedures that fit, either directly or indirectly, will bring results postif for physical health also psychological for perpetrators.

It is important for us to maintain the health body not to store it in the future due to the pattern of life that we do not control and is not offset sport. In accordance with the advice of experts, too rare move will not make our body feel fresh and this could result in a stable structure of the bones.

If so, the bones will not grow strong. Easy weak muscle strength and also less the maximum.
different situation if we are diligent exercise. With activity, the body slowly we will improve the structure.

Start from the musculature of security strength and elasticity, the condition of the bones strong and not easily broken, and the body's metabolism, which continues to grow and well protected.
However, there are things that need to be avoided. The excess portion of the exercise is also not good for the body. Each person has a limit of movement of different body.

Movement of muscles and bones too diforsir can cause muscle and joint injuries as well. If you are like, latihannya not focus on the process of the formation of health organs of the body, but more to the process of healing and restoration of body therapy from injury. So should you concentrate more to how you exercise regularly and safely for your physical condition.
2. For Achievement.
If you're an athlete, it has become a routine activity for physical exercise on an ongoing basis. It is the job you also for the sport with the purpose of obtaining better performance in the branch you select.

This extra benefit is that you can have on the hard work in the routine process that requires you to the dedicated professionals who ditekuni. Achievement is what gives sports kebangaan for your practice hard and mewujudkannya in various athletic race. This achievement also exist as a result of the public on the sport you are tired.

But clearly for an athlete, sports can provide a predicate and achievement for both diunggulkan not only global in scope, but in a class of its own.
3. For Fun / Prestige.
Not excessive if it is true we have a fun new hobby or sport that makes as bermainnya vessel. Not a few of you who find the inner joy of sport with colleagues.

In this case more likely to invigorate the game in mind but does not directly make healthy bodies.
Many examples and benefits of sport as a fun place to mood. A golf course one of them.

For you who like to coordinate the exercise with the body relaxed and down and feel the fresh air of the golf, of course, you will be careful with sengan pro-golf with colleagues. There is also a branch of sport fishing, and chess is useful to focus on training the brain concentration and patience to play the player

Benefit from the exquisite sports-sports game this is more to the inner tranquility, comfort in touch, da health spiritually.