Monday, July 13, 2009

Incomplete if it does not eat dates during fasting month. If the fruits usually contain the energy and calories are not so low as to dates. Womb with a high carbohydrate dates are a source of energy is also high. Even the highest among all other fruits. Because of that date is suitable to restore the energy after a whole day fasting. For people who eat a lot of dates at the time sahur akan hold a fresh and hungry because food is also rich in fiber.

Dates can be eaten in the dry or fresh. Dates can also be used for various dishes, such as: various products of bread, candy, ice cream, and syrup. In Middle Eastern countries, dates are usually consumed with processed susu. Dates contain some useful material for health, such as: potassium, salisilat, karbihidrat, and vitamins.

1. Potassium

In 100 gr dried dates there are 666 mg potassium, so nutritious reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. Potassium is a mineral essential to reinforce the blood vessel, making a regular heartbeat, the muscle contraction, and stabilize blood pressure.

2. Salisilat

Salisilat is a substance that is used as the raw material of aspirin (drug subtrahend / remover pain and fever). Salisilat is to prevent blood coagulation, anti inflamasi, remover, and pain. Regular low-dose aspirin (less than half the dose or the usual drink per day) able to help prevent headache to heart attack and stroke.

According Nurfi Afriansyah IEC Staff Researchers Puslitbang Nutrition Nutrition Bogor, salisilat can also affect the prostaglandin group of fatty acid hidroksida stimulate the smooth muscle contraction and lower blood pressure. Salisilat usually found on the dates that have been dried.

3. Sugar or carbohydrate substance

Gynecology carbohydrate in the palm harvested when still raw and soggy around 60% while the dry dates (which dry out in the sun bronzed tree) around 70%. 100 grams of dates is able to supply 230 kcal energy.

According to dr. Anwar El Multi from Egypt, palm sugar contains 70% oxygen and is not harmful for health. Most varieties contain palm sugar glucose (the type of sugar in the blood) or fruktosa (type of sugar in most fruits). Substance is easily digested and burned by the body resulting in a high energy without the body to make it work, mencerna, and make it as good nutrition.

According to Dr. David Conning Director of the British Nutrition Foundation, a glass of water containing glucose will be absorbed within 20 - 30 minutes. While the sugar contained in the new dates be merged in time-out 45 - 60 minutes.

4. Vitamin and Nutrition substance

In every 100 grams of dried dates are 50 IU Vitamin A, Vitamin C 0.4 mg, 0.09 mg Tiamin; 0.10 mg Riboflavin, 2.20 mg Niasin, nikotinat acid and iron. Substances-vitamin that works to help release energy, maintain the skin and nerve to remain healthy, and important for the function of the heart organ.

5. Important minerals (magnesium, potasium and calcium)

Dates also contain hormones such potuchsin can menciutkan vein in the womb so that it can prevent the occurrence of bleeding womb.

6. Fat

Gynecology fat on the palm fruit is very low ie 0.4 grams per 100 grams of dates.

By eating only one portion of the extra potassium-rich food at least 400 mg / day the risk of fatal stroke fell ill can be derived up to 40%. The minimum 400 mg / day is filled with easy to only eat dried dates at least about 65 grams, equivalent to only five grains dates

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