Sunday, July 12, 2009

some of the benefit of breakfast

Breakfast is one of the secret to maintaining health. No matter how busy you are, it is important to fill the fuel for your body so that energy throughout the day you met. Breakfast gives you the energy capital for berktivitas throughout the day. In fact, other than to provide energy in the body, breakfast also has another benefit that is not less important. Here are some benefits of breakfast.

Giving Strength metabolism every After Night - Breakfast is considered as an important time to eat because of the time that is not filled night of food and increase your sugar needs. Sugar is a source of energy is absorbed from the carbohydrates you eat. In the morning, after you do not consume food for 12 hours, the substance of sugar in your body down ketingkat the least. When this happens, your body releases substances to replace sugar that has been ditimbun in liver and muscle layer, which is called glycogen.
Adding essential Nutrition and Overall Energy Level - Breakfast provides significan proportion Feed for total nutrition throughout the day, and offers the opportunity to consume food of nutrients such as iron, vitamins and fiber. Essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients can only be obtained from food.
Useful For Weight Loss - During sleep your body 12 hours fasting all night, and in the morning you are in the first stage feel hungry. Skip breakfast to make your body stay 'in hunger,' foods that are good will increase metabolism. If you are in an effort to reduce body weight, the last thing you want to do you a low level of metabolism. Healthy breakfast food will improve the ability of fat burning in your body. Further, breakfast can increase your level of energy metabolism throughout the day.

Giving your brain Fuel To Improve concentration - Breakfast improve your ability to think and keeping you in the best mental appearance. Breakfast provides fuel for the brain to improve your skills in problem solving and memory.

Avoiding Food Not Restricted - Breakfast with the good will keep you from feeling hungry excess, which can prevent you from over-eating in the day. Food consumed at breakfast are able to withstand high fat and calories from food throughout the day. When you leave your breakfast, you will tend to shift with the hunger ngemil sepajang morning to the lunch. And this will encourage you to find another bolt on the coffee, or drink that is capable of increasing energy.

Whatever you choose the menu for breakfast, give your brain and body the energy needed to be taken throughout the day. Berlakulah well in yourself, and biasakan breakfast. This habit will make you feel better throughout the day

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