Sunday, July 12, 2009

with the exercise routine? If you have already done so, must also have many benefits that you feel for this. Whether that can be perceived directly, and that your natural levels in a certain time. All of these benefits, and reflects the seriousness of the business you do in routine practice.

But more than that, many things that you can actually get with the sport. Not only realized in the physical health and mental well-being, but this event also gives pride of what you are diligent with the Go.

For example, as the athletes get athletic achievement in kagiatan. Thus, the happy feeling of relief and not a few people who make the sport as a hobby that should be satisfied.

1. For Health.
To be sure if the sports that we do well and right in the portion of practice and procedures that fit, either directly or indirectly, will bring results postif for physical health also psychological for perpetrators.

It is important for us to maintain the health body not to store it in the future due to the pattern of life that we do not control and is not offset sport. In accordance with the advice of experts, too rare move will not make our body feel fresh and this could result in a stable structure of the bones.

If so, the bones will not grow strong. Easy weak muscle strength and also less the maximum.
different situation if we are diligent exercise. With activity, the body slowly we will improve the structure.

Start from the musculature of security strength and elasticity, the condition of the bones strong and not easily broken, and the body's metabolism, which continues to grow and well protected.
However, there are things that need to be avoided. The excess portion of the exercise is also not good for the body. Each person has a limit of movement of different body.

Movement of muscles and bones too diforsir can cause muscle and joint injuries as well. If you are like, latihannya not focus on the process of the formation of health organs of the body, but more to the process of healing and restoration of body therapy from injury. So should you concentrate more to how you exercise regularly and safely for your physical condition.
2. For Achievement.
If you're an athlete, it has become a routine activity for physical exercise on an ongoing basis. It is the job you also for the sport with the purpose of obtaining better performance in the branch you select.

This extra benefit is that you can have on the hard work in the routine process that requires you to the dedicated professionals who ditekuni. Achievement is what gives sports kebangaan for your practice hard and mewujudkannya in various athletic race. This achievement also exist as a result of the public on the sport you are tired.

But clearly for an athlete, sports can provide a predicate and achievement for both diunggulkan not only global in scope, but in a class of its own.
3. For Fun / Prestige.
Not excessive if it is true we have a fun new hobby or sport that makes as bermainnya vessel. Not a few of you who find the inner joy of sport with colleagues.

In this case more likely to invigorate the game in mind but does not directly make healthy bodies.
Many examples and benefits of sport as a fun place to mood. A golf course one of them.

For you who like to coordinate the exercise with the body relaxed and down and feel the fresh air of the golf, of course, you will be careful with sengan pro-golf with colleagues. There is also a branch of sport fishing, and chess is useful to focus on training the brain concentration and patience to play the player

Benefit from the exquisite sports-sports game this is more to the inner tranquility, comfort in touch, da health spiritually.

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