Tuesday, July 14, 2009

11 types of foods for healthy

Did you know, if there is no perfect diet. Somehow, the low-carbohydrate diet, high protein diet or other diet-diet. Because, in fact we all need nourishing. The core of the diet is to apply the pattern to eat a balanced and healthy. So, as long as you apply the pattern of eating a balanced and healthy you do not need to limit the oxygen-food substances such as protein and carbohydrate.

To apply a balanced eating pattern, of course you must also need to know food-healthy foods should be consumed. Healthy food that was consumed for food-food that the process a little concoction. Especially vegetables, fruits, milk, pure, and others. Gynecology carbohydrate, protein and fat in it is still not added to the original flavor other.

Many substance-important substances from the food lost in the cooking process, especially if cooked in a long time. To Minimize the cooking time to maintain enzyme, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other nutrients naturally found in food. This is so that the food we consume is useful for the body and can meet our needs.

One example of food that you cooked for consumption without cooking or with the process that is the nuts. Long beans you can eat as a snack or directly as a condiment with lalapan without the need to boil first. Important that you have with it under running water with clean. Then, for soybean or peanut, rebuslah briefly and then eat as snack.

To get the best of animal protein, you should choose chicken or beef is growing in the pasture, not in livestock. Because, usually beef or chicken breeding farm has been in the injected hormone and antibiotics in order to grow large. No lag, the source of animal protein that we also often is fish consumption. Do not cook fish too long and should not be fried with oil that is too many and it is very hot because it will remove the nutrient in

For fruits, which should always be your consumption of apples is. Apples contain a lot of fiber which is very good for the digestive system, uterus mineralnya also good for the bones. Apael addition, there are also pieces that can be consumed regularly, the pomegranate. Some research indicates that pomegranate fruit can slow the growth of cancer cells and can be a natural viagra for men. To consume the fruit should direct consumption only and if possible do not add the juice of sugar in it.

In addition, do not include the behind onion in your cooking. Such as onion, garlic, and bombay onion. Onion has been famous since thousands of years ago working to reduce the risk of heart disease. In fact, some research revealed garlic can help prevent cancer occurred.

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