Monday, July 13, 2009

Healthy food

Skin care from the outside is certainly often you hear. Starting from the natural as lulur traditional ways to a more modern, such as botox, and others. The question, in addition to care from the outside that have been mentioned before, there does not care who's in the can do to make your skin healthy? It turns the skin a healthy and beautiful can also be obtained through the food nutritious and complies with the type of skin.

Healthy food does not taste the seenak junk food, but with the condition of your skin to identify and choose healthy foods and beverages and in accordance with the nutrient composition is needed will be very helpful. Or can also get the food to eat each day. Because I do not always have a nutritious food that does not taste that good.

Some types of fruit and vegetables and spices below can make your choice. Where is the food-food is certainly full of womb vitamin A, C, E, iron and selenium are needed and the body skin.

1. Orange, the color orange is rounded to accompany you during lunch. Replace mineral water or soft drink is normal ordered with orange juice. Avoid sugar or sweetener. better if the drunk murni.banyak contain vitamin E is good for the skin.

2. Avocado fruit, this fruit such as citrus fruit that contains a lot of vitamin E that is suitable for your skin. Can be consumed directly or in juice. Oil is often used as basic materials for body soap and face that can be used from babies to adults.

3. Apricot fruit, suitable for dry and dull skin. Before sleep Care for yourself with plain milk mixed with apricot fruit.

4. For dry and sensitive skin, can be strawberry fruit choice. Fruits contain antioxidants that is beneficial for the body to maintain health skin

5. Begin your love vegetables, like carrots, in addition to the eye is also good for your skin.

6. Sunflower seeds or the more familiar with kuaci can be used as an alternative cemilan favorites. In addition to maintaining the strength of bones, sunflower seed containing thiamin and niacin are also useful for maintaining brain health and skin moisture.

7. Women usually fear of eating eggs, the eggs are rich in protein to maintain health skin. Origin is not consumed in excessive amount of course will not be a problem.

8. Onion and garlic. Garlic is recommended to be consumed, especially for women. Because it contains chromium and vitamin C can reduce the risk of cancer diseases as well as keep the bones to remain strong. While the onion can help to rejuvenate the skin at once sublime. Do not be afraid of baunya the jackal, as can be removed with polish teeth.

9. Cereals, in addition to easily presented, also the composition of the vitamin for the body and skin. Especially if you have added susu womb calcium needed for bones and teeth.

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