Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Obesity Danger

Zotrimmany people are now experiencing stress and result in obesity as a result can not control body weight. According to Dr Joseph Suyanto there are two things that is associated with obesity Feed excessive eating and physical activity is less. At this time, people rarely do the activity. People more relaxed and more choose to eat fast food.

Besides Feed excessive food and lack of physical activity, genetic factors also play a role of Obesity. From various research Obesity in the children come from families of Obesity. If both parents experience Obesity, about 80 percent of children experience the same thing. Meanwhile, when only one parent, possibly around 40 percent.
Another thing that factors into Obesity is a risk of experiencing psychological factors, pregnancy and age factors. In addition, there are several types of drugs that can lead to increased body weight. Among the steroid (deksametason and the like) and the depression medications (tricyclic antidepressant), and akseptor KB. "There is some deviation body can also lead to Obesity. For example, a decrease tiroid gland function, increased production of adrenal gland hormone, and the ovarium polikistik disease syndrome, "said Anto doctor.
Furthermore, the Chairman of the Manado STIKES Muhammadiyah, which should be waspadai, the complications of Obesity;

First, Diabetes Type 2, because of the high fat content can cause the body to become resistant to insulin. So the insulin does not function normally, causing diabetes (diabetes).

Second, the High Blood Pressure. Experts suspect this is related to the nervous and hormone (neurohormonal) activation occurs rennin-angiotensin system aldosteron. Was increasing prokoagulan components (which cause the stoppage of blood pressure). It also can damage the blood vessel wall.

Third complications of the Obesity, abnormal body fat. Because of the high degree of fat content resulted in the high fat bad (LDL), and decrease the fat content (HDL) increase the risk arterosklerosis (stoppage of blood vessel).

Fourth, Stroke and coronary heart disease (PJK). Due to arteosklerosis, it was increasing the likelihood of blood vessel clog the brain (causing stroke), blood vessel and plug the heart (causing PJK).

Fifth, Osteoarthritis (limestone joints). Result is too fat, then the burden of the joint body weight, so that increased calcium.

Sixth, Sleep Apnea. There was a barrier air flow at the top of the bed. So that all people experience the breath right at the time of sleep, and with a heavy grunt. The result is often awakened at night to sleep, and fatigue experienced while working lunch this day, some people are overweight, so that the neck and belly breath narrow channel.

Seventh, Cancer. There are several types of cancer that has a correlation with Obesity. In the women, including breast cancer, womb neck, ovarium and gall bladder. While in the men's Obesity among colon cancer and Prostate.

Eighth, fat heart. Cumulation of fat occurred here in the heart. Cause inflammation and tissue bind to the liver, to cause liver cirrhosis, liver disease is difficult to be cured.
While for the last one that is gall bladder disease. The high level of cholesterol in the cumulation Obesity can lead to cholesterol in the gall bladder. So that the risk of gallstone increases

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