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benefits of the prayer movement is perfect

Prayer is not only a major practice in the Hereafter later, but the movements of prayer for the proportional anatomy human body. Even from the point of medical, prayer is a warehouse of various types of drugs disease.

Allah, the Almighty Creator, to know exactly what is needed by humans. All commands are not only valuable piety, but also has great benefits for the human body itself. For example, fasting, God's command in the third pillar of Islam is highly recognized by the medical benefits and the western scientists. They are necessarily involved fasting for self-health and their patients.

Similarly, prayer. Worship is a worship to pray in the most appropriate for the metabolism and the texture of the human body. Movements in the prayer also has the benefit of each. For example:

Takbiratul Ihram

Standing erect, raise both hands in parallel ear, then fold in front of the stomach or the chest down. This movement is helpful to smooth the flow of blood, lymph (limfe), and arm muscle strength. Position of heart in the bottom of the brain allows blood to flow throughout the body lancer. When the second hand, stretch shoulder muscles so that the flow of oxygen-rich blood into lancer. Then didekapkan both hands in front of the stomach or the chest down. This attitude avoid interference from a variety of joint, especially on the top of the body.

Ruku '

Ruku 'marked a perfect spine straight so that when placed in a glass of water on the back does not overflow. Position of the head with a straight spine. This movement is helpful to maintain the position and function perfection spine (vertebrae corpus) as a buffer body and central nervous. Position of heart in parallel with the brain, the blood flow to the maximum of the middle of the body. Concentrate in the hands of the knee functions to tense muscles, shoulder muscles to the bottom. In addition, the bow is a training facility for Prostate urine so that interference can be prevented.


Wake up from the ruku ', the body back upright after lift both hands up to the ear. I'tidal a variety of postures after the ruku 'and prostration before. This movement is useful as a good exercise for the digestive organs. At the time I'tidal done, digestive organs in the belly of the movement in turn. Give the effect of smooth digestion.


prostation by placing both hands, knee, toe, and the forehead on the floor. Prostration position useful for pumping lymph to the neck and axilla. Posis heart on the brain cause the oxygen-rich regions can be a maximum flow to the brain. This effect on the flow of power thought someone. Therefore, you should do the prostration tuma'ninah, not in a hurry so that the blood is adequate capacity in the brain. Position such as this preclude someone from interference hemorrhoids. Especially for women, both ruku 'and prostration have extraordinary benefits for fertility and health organ womanhood.

Sitting in between prostration

Sitting after the prostration of two kinds, namely iftirosy (tahiyat early) and tawarru '(tahiyat end). The difference lies in the position of the foot. iftirosy at the time, the body on the hip that is connected with the nerve nervus Ischiadius. This position is able to avoid the pain at the hip that often cause people can not afford to run. Sit tawarru 'is very good for men because the flow of the heel bladder (uretra), male gonad (Prostate) and channel vas deferens. If done correctly, as this position is able to prevent impotensi. Variations in foot position on iftirosy and tawarru 'cause all the leg muscles stretch and then take part relaks again. Movement and pressure to maintain that this is the harmony and strength of flexure organs our movement.


Movement of the head to rotate to the left and right of the maximum. Salam useful to useful to relax muscles around the neck and the head of refining the flow of blood in the head so that it prevents headaches and maintain skin tension face.

Prostration movement are unique. Prostration philosophy that has subjected the human self bottom, even lower than the boots themselves. From the point of view of science psikoneuroimunologi (knowledge about the body's immune from the psychological point of view) that in dalami Prof. Soleh, accompany the movement on the human at the high degrees. Why?

With the movement to bow down to regular, blood vessel in the brain trained to receive many oxygen supply. At the time of prostration, the position is located in the heart of the head that allows maximum blood flow to the brain. That is, the brain to get oxygen rich blood supply that drive the work-cell selnya. In other words, the prostration tuma'ninah and continuous improvement can trigger someone acumen.

Every inch the human brain require a sufficient blood to function normally. Blood will not enter the nerve in the brain but when someone bowed down in prayer. Nerve requires blood for some time only. This means that blood will enter the fiber is the time to pray, as was required in Islam.

Research in the top have got recognition from Harvard University, the United States. Even an American doctor who declares himself not dikenalnya embraced Islam after the development of specific research on the movement of prostration. In addition, movements in prayer at a glance, a movement similar to yoga or peregangan (stretching). Basically, useful to bend the body and smooth circulation of blood. The benefits of prayer other than the movement is in our prayers more members of the body, including fingers, toes and hands.

Prostration is a muscle strength training, including a chest muscle. During prostration, body burden is based on the top of the arm to a hand. When this is the muscle contraction occurred in the chest, the body of a woman's pride. Breasts not only become more beautiful shape, but also improve air susu gland function in it.

Still in the position of prostration, the benefit of others can enjoy womanhood is stomach musculature (rectus abdominis and obliqus abdominis externus) berkontraksi full time pinggul waist and up over the head and chest. This condition is trained around the stomach organs to mengejan more and more in a long time to help in the process of childbirth. Because labor is required in both the respiratory and the ability mengejan sufficient. When the muscle belly has become larger and stronger, so naturally, this muscle is to be elastic. Prostrate habit can cause the body to restore and maintain the organs stomach back in place (fixation).

After making prostration, we do sit movement. In prayer there are two types of sitting: iftirosy (tahiyat early) and tawaru '(tahiyat end). This is the most important occasions berkontraksinya musculature perineum area. For women, in this region there are three liang liang persenggamaan namely, to remove the rectal faeces, urine and channels. When tawarru ', left foot heel should press the perineum. Back foot should be placed on the left foot and right foot heel should press the right hip. At this position the left foot heel akan memijit and the perineum area. This gentle pressure to improve the reproductive organs in the perineum.

Basically, all the prayer movement aimed rejuvenate the body. If the body limber, damaged skin cells and little happens. Moreover, if done regularly, then the cells are damaged can be replaced immediately. Regeneration is in progress smoothly. Consequently, the body always in shape.

Prof. Menuru research. Dr. Muhammad Soleh in desertasinya entitled "The influence Tahajud Shalat Changes in Response to Increased Body Imonologik Resilience: An Approach Neuroimunologi" with desertasi that, Soleh successfully achieve the title of doctor in the field of medical science graduate program at the University of Surabaya is maintained some time ago.

Shalat tahajud was not just an additional prayer (sunah muakkad), but if done regularly and sincere can overcome the disease of cancer. Medically, tahajud able to pray in the response to the resilience of the body (immunology), especially in the imunoglobin F, G, A, and limfositnya the form of a positive perception and motivation. In addition, individuals can mengefektifkan ability to address the problems faced.

During this time, only single-minded scholars see mental problems as psychological. However, this problem can be actually proved with medical technology. Ikhlas that this mystery can be seen as evidenced by the quantitative sekresi hormone kortisol with body condition parameters. In the normal condition, the number of kortisol in the morning normally between 38-690 nmol / liter. Meanwhile, at night or after 24.00 o'clock, this number increased to 69-345 nmol / liter.

"If the amount of hormone kortisolnya normal, indicated that the person can not feel depressed because sincere. Similarly vice versa, "he said while affirming finding disprove this old paradigm that the teachings of Islam merely dogma or doctrine.

According to Dr. Soleh, the stress is usually very vulnerable to the disease of cancer and infection. By doing tahajud regularly and with a feeling and not forced ihklas, someone will have a good immune response and most likely protected from infection and cancer diseases. Based on a medical, tahajud prayer that cause someone has a good body resistance.

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