Monday, July 13, 2009

The Aerobic

Aerobic activities or sports are also given the name of sport cardiovascular / kardio vaskuler and endurance sports. Consists of repetitive movements (repetition dati one full movement), which involves contraction of large muscle groups of arms and legs. Most of the low-intensity activities that you collect during the day you do this sport category. At the level of energy expenditure is higher, aerobic sports will increase the heart rate, breathing and you.

Aerobic sport is the major part of any type and the type of fitness program. Almost all the research that looked benefits of sport in the disease activity revolve on the heart and blood vessel (cardiovasculer), including running, joging, swimming, and cycling.

Experts recommend that when you do aerobic sports, exercise at moderate intensity / light. Because the level of activity is safe for almost everyone, and provide the desired health benefits.

If you just start doing a sports program or have a medical condition does not allow you to do this level of activity, sporting a more mild on most days of the weekend (4-6 days) can be a substitute for the spirit, although it will not generate all benefits obtained from the aerobic activity with a higher level.

As a result of research which concluded that the time for taking bribe aerobic exercise, show that you can get some benefits for the heart and blood vessel even if you break 30 minutes your time into three or four with the 8-10 minutes, to give them equal intensity .

However, you should avoid doing activities with the rare high-intensity. This approach is not healthy for several reasons. first, you reduce the risk fell ill hypertension, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, and other health conditions that totaly depends on the volume rather than intensity sports.

In addition, activities with higher intensity to increase the potential injury your muscles and joints and sudden death due to heart rhythm disturbances (heart rhythm disturbances). Before you start sports aerobic exercise session, do the first 5-10 minutes warming light and movement with low intensity as the heating: this is very important to avoid injury. And cooling to do with the length of time the same or nearly the same.

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