Wednesday, September 30, 2009


This year the American Dietetic Association (the American Association of Nutritional Sciences) advocated that we should consume "Healthy and appropriate." Said Susan Boweman, MS, RD, CSSD, it is easy to say but hard to do. Healthy and Just not only includes the selection of healthy foods, but also to consume them at the right time. "
Body and mind so that you get adequate intake, here are some tips that can help you, Healthy Food consumed at the right time.

Healthy and waking up just in time.
You do not need to eat immediately after waking moment, even though the breakfast was very important. Those who skip breakfast often consume excessive heat I all the morning or at lunch, they also tend to rely on foods high in sugar and caffeine as a source of energy. Light breakfast with a bowl of oatmeal with a little mixture of proteins or a bowl of fruit and enjoy a serving sayur.Atau Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix with low-fat milk and fruit.

Healthy and just before exercise.
Adjust your eating schedule with the duration and intensity of exercise.
You must have enough power before working out - especially if done in the morning. If you do not have enough time, eat easily digestible foods such as smoothy, soups, yogurt or Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix can be alternative.Jika you have enough time to eat regular healthy amount sufficient karbohydrat - whole-grain breads, brown rice, fruits and vegetables remain the major energy for the body when exercising.

Healthy and right after exercise.
After maximal exercise, your body may lack intake. The best time to fill is 30 - 45 minutes after you finish exercising. Your muscles are starving need karbohydrat healthy such as fruits, vegetables or whole grains (whole grains) and one serving of protein.

Healthy food and snack right now.
Half or more of the food we eat comes from outside, so the snack or meal out no longer a special thing. Hold your desire to overeat snack time. If you are trying to reduce the consumption of calories, share the main meal with friends and an additional message salad. Complement or replace the food-rich flour with vegetables.

Healthy and precise when shopping.
If you're shopping for groceries on an empty stomach, then you like a little kid in a candy store - everything looks delicious. Eat healthy foods that tunggi protein, fruit or a handful of nuts before you go so not easy tergiur.Makanlah before shopping, create shopping lists and remain disciplined.

Healthy and appropriate food at night.
Many people consume most of their daily calories between dinner and bedtime. They are eating or not eating light during the daytime to dinner does not provide sufficient intake required to perform daily activities for the brain and their muscles. Allocate your time and mengudaplah eat during the day, eat a light meal at dinner. If the desire to snack after dinner unstoppable, eat pudding, fruit, a handful of nuts or a cup of tea that measured pregnancy. Or brush your teeth right after dinner to keep you do not eat anymore.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Preventing Certainly Better Than Cure.

Prevention of disease will also keep us from medical expenses extraordinary expense. None of the existing disease on this earth who could not afford to be prevented. Conversely, many diseases that until now have not found a cure.

One of the diseases that until now very difficult to treat the cancer. Because it is difficult to treat cancer of course became one of the most deadly diseases.

Like other diseases, even cancer can be prevented with early detection. The earlier cancer treatments known to do so going to get better results. Here I write all the steps of early detection of some cancers enough cause death.

Cervical Cancer (Cervical Cancer)

Pap smear tests done regularly, especially for women who are sexually active. Pap smears should begin after 3 years of sexual activity and the re every three years.

A Pap smear is not necessary for those who have over 65 years old who previously had done a routine check and for those who had her womb removed.

Ovary cancer

Routine examination for early detection of ovarian cancer is by ultrasound. Measurement ca125 levels and pelvic examination is not recommended because the results obtained are not very satisfactory and not practical.

Breast cancer

Early detection of breast cancer is to perform self breast exams (breast self-examination). This examination can be done routinely every day with a feeling whether there is a lump in the breast.

Another inspection is to do a mammogram every 1 to 2 years for women aged over 40 years, especially those who have relatives who have had breast cancer.

Colon Cancer

Routine examination for early detection of colon cancer should be done for those who have aged over 50 years. The tests include blood tests disguised in dirt (Occult blood test) and colonoscopy every ten years.

Early detection should be done early to say they have a high risk that there is a family history of colon cancer.