Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Health, longevity of Women Directly to BMI in Relation

While there is certainly no secret that thin, rather than carrying extra weight is healht benefits, it has never really conclusive evidence, however, that is the actual quality of life and survival in otherwise slender women compared with women difficult. There is now a study shows clearly that means women, their survival in good health able to live his life without mental problems and physical problems, it is almost directly proportional to their BMI or Body Mass Index body, which is a measure used to compare body fat is in other tissues such as muscles in the body.

The higher your BMI, body fat, than you, and you're more of various symptoms and diseases, or at least much more prone to suffer for them, so your chances of a healthy life in the eighties, and even your seventies. In particular theme for each kilogram of BMI, which was acquired from the test, was reached at the age of 18 years, has decreased the chances of living to the age of seventy years by 5%.

If you multiple times per year, which can significantly reduce your estimated life expectancy, it is of course very useful to realize that you are compatible with your system and a healthy lifestyle to maintain a certain level of BMI.

What the scientists who led the study, caution is that you do not look harmless as your weight and BMI variations seem to be fairly pointless, as indicated by the results of the study indicate that the weight gain can all affect your health and longevity. If people are probably just as this link BMI affects how much fat is in the same way male to female human body, but the study mentioned that the women.

Your recommendation? To avoid weight gain when you throughout your life and try to do everything in your power to prevent even small changes. Easier said than done, I know!

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