Sunday, June 21, 2009

Arise Real Madrid

Los galacticos are back soon. Return a floretino Peres president positions occupied in the real madrid provide fresh air for lovers of madrid. It is not a socios (shareholders madrid) chose to become president. Peres florentino that a leader who is not like a promise, because in just a few weekends only power he immediately steps that spectacular.

On the first weekend he was in power for the direct purchase kaka ac milan great home that had been the world's best players 2006/2007. not long after that, cristiano ronaldo who brought the satiaga barnaebue (headquarters real madrid). Removals ronaldo to madrid is the history of the print record for the new transfer. Transfernya value of 80 million euros, before the transfer value is also created by the name real madrid zidane zinadine the dibelinya from Juventus with a value of 66 million euro transfer. Lot of money and has been prepared by florentino Peres to purchase a number of other star players. Some players are stars in the incentive made the media, is currently on the madrid david villa from valencia, Xabi Alonso from liverpool, riberi franc pay from Munich, and many others.

Verification work is fantastic Peres than when held by calderon madrid (madrid previous president) that is only to buy kaka just can not afford. But whether the steps taken Peres will be the achievement of real madrid. Already we know some of this year madrid decreased, especially in a league Campion.

Will the presence floretino Peres akan los galacticos create a truly achievement on the gridiron or the only achievement in the business only.

Get a degree and a lot of money is the desire of all the teams. And that may be realized by real madrid remember the strength of the business which is very unusual. Madrid Skuad at this time was quite impressive although not perfect, as in madrid want peres.untuk skuad currently have Ruud van van nistelroy and Raul gonzales. and the more intense is the half-line may be spelled out the order of half madrid is the greatest that filled by ronaldo, kaka, and Robben. they are a full-attack skills that have almost the same individual and also the terrible instinct golnya high. So also with rows of half-back and stand still filled by pepe, sergio Ramos, heinze, lass Diarra, gago and survive in the extreme and often also does not help the attack and they rarely score a goal. Iker cassilas goalkeeper is still the goalie is still a mainstay and the Spanish team has a lot of experience. And for coach dijabat by former coach pellergini successful villareal bring this team ranked in the top entry in the Spanish league. with the order of the teams that have been there madrid hopefully they can restore the glory. Goooo Real madrid ... .. ... ..!

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