Friday, June 19, 2009

In Labor in Human Body

In the human body there is the strength of the mutual support. Two forces are outside the labor force and strength in labor. foreign labor force is energy generated by burning carbohydrates by oxygen in the body. foreign labor also called physical energy on the strength of the body musculature. Foreign labor is caused by the energy in the body fisikdi. Physical energy is the result of this burning oxygen in the body or the body's metabolism.

Basically, since every person is born has a foreign power generated by the food and beverages consumed each day. Therefore, the physical energy of each person does not have the same. There are strong and have a weak nutrient factors that will determine the consumed energy physical someone. Moreover, diligent sports or using body muscles to work each day, the physical energy is the greater..

Energy in the energy is stored in the human body and the natural sediment in the unconscious. labor force is in the abstract or inner strength. subliminal power be raised if this very large, exceeding the energy normally used to make human activity daily. Example of an input into the ice water, ice will float. When ice is solid and strong like hard physical labor, but the strength with less fresh water in the parable energy. ice that can not be lost due to the encouragement of fresh water above. as well as in energy, the strength is greater than the energy outside the energy because it is the more in depth. So many people also call this energy reserve or energy or power core base. But not all people realize. In the energy can be raised and the surface with certain exercises..

Energy stored in neatly in the human body and only appear when someone is in a very fear. But the actual strength in the show can be learned by every person with the guidance and direction in the right. Breathing exercises and it became a major base in the energy issue, because this affects basa acid in the body can cause mental power or mental energy that is in the body.So how does the required sugesti, concentration, respiration special moment and a certain spiritual energy to concentrate the sediment below the navel stomach. This is the inner energy vibration that is called with the actual power in.

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